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 V Net is a transformational solution for retailers looking to migrate from a legacy system or set of manual processes to an AI based predominantly automated solution.

Retail Supply Chain Challenges

As the final and consumer-facing point of the entire supply chain, retailers face challenges that can originate from several upstream segments. These challenges can be as varied as consumer facing out of stocks leading to lost sales or over-investment in capital leading to redundant stock and markdowns. 

V Net’s AI driven products address these challenges by providing a collaborative platform to facilitate demand planning; improving fulfilment. An inventory management platform to increase on-shelf availability and reduce markdowns, and an advanced analytics platform to provide actionable insights.


Our Retail Supply Chain Solutions

Our modular retail platform enables you to address disruptions and supply chain planning challenges.

Our Customer Stories

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Why V Net?

Optimized supply chain planning will provide material baseline sales lift without the need for excess inventory, thereby improving profitability.

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We traded through the Christmas period with unprecedented operational efficiencies in managing our stock flow through this high-volume trading period. The introduction of V Net across our entire suite of products contributed significantly to JB Hi-Fi hitting our very ambitious in-stock position, stock turn and weeks cover targets. The financial outcome being a contribution by V Net in helping achieve our sales and working capital targets.”

Cameron Trainor

Managing Director | JB Hi-Fi