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V Net provides a range of services to empower your retail planning success. Our offerings include Retail Planning Diagnosis, Process Mapping & Definition, Opportunity Analysis, Inside-Out Capability Build, and a Data Science Lab.

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Retail Supply Chain Planning Services

At V Net, we are dedicated to revolutionizing retail supply chain planning through deep, long-term partnerships with blue-chip retailers. Our comprehensive planning capability encompasses world-class, AI driven technology, expert planners, and leading retail insights. In addition to our powerful, AI driven Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms we are also the first and only full-service Planning as a Service (PaaS) business in ANZ. We proudly serve market-leading clients including Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, JB Hi Fi, Target, Harvey Norman, and Disney. With a global footprint and client-facing teams across multiple countries, we offer flexible, responsive, and fast solutions.

Having developed a powerful retail ecosystem planning suite, we have expanded our services to bring rapid deployment and scalability to the broader market. Backed by significant investments in data science, AI/ML capabilities, UI/UX, and platform scalability, our two decades of experience in retail demand and supply chain planning enable us to deliver immediate competitive advantages for our clients.

What sets us apart is our unique implementation approach. We provide “pop-up” capabilities, including processes, planners, and platforms, while simultaneously upskilling our clients’ teams “inside out” (versus “outside in” like the rest of the industry). Our flexible approach accommodates clients at any level of capability, meeting them where they are, and taking them where they want to be. 

Whether it’s “do for you”, “do with you”, or “DIY,” we ensure a customized solution that fits your needs. With proven results and a strong track record, all our clients serve as references.


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