The key to retail success in an omni-channel world is ensuring that customers can purchase the items they want, when they want them without the retailer over-investing in inventory.

V Net assists our retail clients in achieving this goal by providing a modular and integrated solution that automates and optimizes replenishment and allocation plans using AI demand sensing, generates automated forecasts for retailers and their vendors and excels in handling the most complex and diverse product categories. This coupled with the actionable insights delivered by V Net’s advanced analytics platform provides a one-stop solution to manage retail inventory.

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Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesalers and distributors face unique challenges due to their position in the supply chain.

V Net assists our wholesale clients by providing an integrated solution that can aggregate demand across multiple disparate endpoints and provide consolidated planning that can then be used by a wholesaler’s manufacturer clients to ensure that the right inventory is held at all points in the supply chain. At operational level, V Net’s flexibility allows automated consolidation of multiple vendor orders within a retail entity and V Net’s advanced analytics platform provides a control tower view of the supply chain.


Manufacturing brings two unique challenges to supply chain: having to plan across lengthy demand horizons, while managing demand occurring across disparate channels and for multi-echelon inventory.

Manufacturers in many industries are also planning for items that have short lifecycles and are highly promoted at their consumer facing endpoints.

V Net assists our manufacturing clients by providing an integrated AI demand planning solution that forecasts across long horizons, and takes into account the nuances of both their products and the demand profiles of their customers at each step of their complex supply chain. This powerful engine, coupled with V Net’s ability to provide both a control tower and detailed visibility of where stock sits in the supply chain provides the tools the manufacturers need to succeed.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and related products have complex supply chains that must consider, cold chains, product expiry, batch control, disparate and often manual inventory management practices at the retailer and government regulation around service level obligations to the community. In addition, product demand can be highly regional and localized.

V Net’s integrated demand planning and allocation system factors in lead-times at all points in the supply chain and couples this with store specific ranges that can roll up demand through the multi-echelon supply chain.

Consumer Electronics

The challenge for those within the consumer electronics space is how to plan and allocate within an environment that can have constrained stock with sparse and disparate demand for high value items that have short life-cycles and the potential for high markdown risk.

V Net provides our consumer electronics clients with powerful, modular and integrated tools that harness the power of AI to overcome these challenges, enhance collaboration between retailers and manufactures and provide visibility, for both sales and operations teams to understand inventory risks and opportunities.


Books & Media

These categories are characterized by having hundreds of new release items each month that have sharp decay curves coupled with demographic and genre based demand profiles, where retailers have to manage the constant update in ranging across thousands of SKUs that may be firm sale, sale or return or consignment. V Net’s allocation solution caters for these nuances by harnessing the power of AI to map consumer preferences, manage product lifecyle and thousands of products at scale.


Telecommunications technology products have a very short life-cycle and are highly promoted. This variability of demand and high velocity to end of life status can lead to large markdown risks for both retailers and vendors and poor stock availability for consumers. V Net mitigates these risks for our clients by utilizing AI models that take into account price movement and promotional demand behaviour to provide automated allocations for items at all stages of their lifecycle and anomaly detection for at risk items

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All our products and solutions were built as interchangeable and cooperative modules. This approach allows us to create a unique customised package for each client, ensuring their supply chain is rigid and future-proof.

Because we are so flexible, we are always expanding our industries, tailoring our products to solve for unique industry problems and intricacies.


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