Big W’s Story

V Net model and their service provision has been of paramount importance to our success.





Shelf Availability Improvement


Weeks of Supply Reduction


Baseline Sales Increase


improvement in return rates

The Challenge

The Books category is one of the most dynamic product segments in retail. Big W has over 20% market share of the Books category in Australia. 

With up to 900 new books to be added to the range on a monthly basis, most with limited shelf life, the ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is of great importance. 

The Books category also is faced with huge competitive price and promotions activity from competitors, both physical and online retailers.

Big W needed the ability to have a unique range, that can change quickly, based on store size, demographic and performance.

The Solution

The introduction of the V Net service model has allowed Big W to be more agile to the dynamic nature of the Books category. A fluid range that changes on a weekly basis, along with a dynamic management of the products life cycle has allowed Big W to ensure that the new multiple new lines allocated weekly are distributed to the appropriate store locations based on the consumer demand of similar titles within the outlet.

The V Net allocation and replenishment solution as been tailored to allow for the complex ranging requirements of the Big W Books category.

The outcome being an optimized inventory position with maximized sell thru rates, minimal returns and a mark down strategy that allows for minimal exposure for both the retailer and their publishing partners.

The V Net Service model has allowed Big W to react quickly and efficiently to an ever-changing market. Whether the challenge is to optimize sales and inventory while reducing SKU count; or expand quickly into a new market segment, the flexibility within the V Net model and their service provision has been of paramount importance to our success

Meredith Drake

Category Manager Books

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