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V Net’s PaaS offers our clients an optimized planning experience by harnessing the expertise of a dedicated team of planners with extensive industry knowledge.


What is Planning as a Service (Paas)?

V Net’s Planning as a Service (Paas) offers a flexible solution where our dedicated team of expert planners, equipped with extensive industry expertise and V Net’s powerful AI driven supply chain planning software, deliver an exceptional planning experience to our clients. 

Our PaaS offering ranges from acting as a trusted advisor, guiding clients through planning strategy, implementation, and optimization, to building and managing a complete end-to-end planning capability model, ensuring optimal results.


How you’ll benefit from V Net’s PaaS

The Only Full-Service PaaS Organization in ANZ with a Global reach

As the first and only full-service PaaS business in ANZ, we proudly serve market-leading clients including Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, JB Hi Fi, Target, and Disney. With a global footprint and client-facing teams across multiple countries, we offer flexible, responsive, and fast solutions.

Inside out capability build

What sets V Net apart is our unique implementation approach. We provide "pop-up" capabilities, including processes, planners, and platforms, while simultaneously upskilling our clients' teams "inside out" (versus "outside in" like the rest of the industry)

Best Practices, Deep Insights, Powerful Platform

Benefit from our team’s extensive, best-in-class planning capabilities together with V Net’s powerful and flexible platform powered by data science and innovative AI and ML capabilities.

We complement existing people, processes, and tools to provide a unique competitive advantage.

Our approach is centred on providing a tailored planning solution that seamlessly integrates with your current workforce, workflows, and toolsets, to deliver an exceptional competitive edge that sets you apart in the market.

V Net’s unique PaaS is designed to address complex planning challenges faced by retail organisations; the need for flexibility and responsiveness, complexities in demand and supply chain management, cross-functional process being misaligned, and a shortage of expert planners with the right knowledge, skills, and experience. These obstacles can hinder your company’s growth and success.

In addition, the typical methods employed within the industry exhibit their own set of limitations, all of which can be successfully overcome through the implementation of PaaS.

Limitations with Typical Industry Approaches

Implementing, configuring, and managing out-of-the-box planning systems

often leads to a "force fit" of processes to systems, without delivering a unique competitive advantage. These systems can become out of tune over time, leading to inefficiencies and suboptimal results.

Integrated planning attempts

often face cross-functional planning challenges, lack a single version of truth, and struggle with misaligned top-down and bottom-up planning. It's like a "Tower of Babel" instead of a Control Tower, hindering effective decision-making and coordination.

Attracting, developing, and retaining planning teams

is another approach, but this comes with its own set of challenges. The talent pool may be limited, industry standards may be lacking, and accessing best practices can be difficult. Additionally, the management and development overheads can be overwhelming.

An "Outside In" approach

relying solely on one-way information flow and external expertise, also falls short. It doesn't build internal planning capability and culture, fails to convert new disciplines into sustained behaviours, and relies more on education than practical application.

These challenges have real impacts on your business, affecting inventory levels, service levels, margins, productivity, and cost efficiency. 

V Net’s unique PaaS addresses these planning challenges and provide tangible benefits. It offers a clear delineation of value-added planning roles, optimizing the economy of skill through best practices. Plus, the plug and play service model is designed to meet your unique business needs.

How V Net’s PaaS works

V Net provides expert planners, trusted advisors, and experienced managers who act as an extension of your team.

Our engagement model offers flexibility, with options for onsite, remote, or mixed collaboration. We work closely with you to build an inside-out capability, empowering your business to excel in planning and execution.

PaaS combines essential ingredients to deliver exceptional results:

How V Net’s PaaS is unique

With V Net’s PaaS, you gain access to the only full-service PaaS organization in ANZ, with a global presence ensuring you benefit from best practices and deep insights. Our powerful and flexible platform is tailored to provide your business with a unique competitive advantage. It incorporates data science, proven innovative AI and ML capabilities, and complements your existing people, processes, and tools.

PaaS helps overcome planning challenges and unlocks the benefits of optimized inventory levels, improved service levels, enhanced margins, increased productivity, and cost efficiency. Our PaaS offering is designed to power smart supply chains and drive your business forward.

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