More Than Demand Planning

Take Collaboration to the Next Level

V Collaborate unites vendors and retailers in one collaborative workspace to ensure that demand planning creates “win-win” commercial results and the best customer outcomes


The future of retailer and vendor collaborative relationships

V Net’s cleansed consumer demand data, fit for purpose AI models, flexible platform and decades of experience combine to make V Net a trusted partner in facilitating supply chain collaboration between retailers
and vendors.


V Collaborate creates a win-win relationship for retailers and suppliers

Trust and communication are the foundations of retailer and vendor collaboration. V Collaborate brings supply chain stakeholders together by providing a trusted source of truth for demand planning. By harnessing the power of AI and  combining this with industry specific knowledge, V Collaborate’s easy-to-use platform provides retailers, suppliers and internal teams with a powerful and impartial joint Business Planning tool.

Retailer/supplier benefits

Powering Smart Supply Chains

How you’ll benefit from V Collaborate

Evolve your Partnerships

Using V Collaborate as a trusted source of truth builds consensus at the most detailed planning levels with your supply chain partners.

Understand the long horizon

V Collaborate's long term demand forecasts give you visibility over horizons that cover manufacturing lead times and overseas supply planning requirements.


Lock in commitment to short-term orders and shipment plans ensuring stock is available for your customers, delivered as automated orders.


V Collaborate provides one familiar place for supply chain stakeholders to predict, plan and allocate inventory across retailers.

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